This is the new poetry page for the Disabled People's channel. We currently have one piece of poetry, sent to our group by Hannah, in London, on 18th August 2020. Send your poetry to the facebook group and it should appear here too!

This is a piece of poetry sent to the group on 18/8/20
by Hannah Collard Gray

Depression comes in many forms
Some traits with which we may be born
It can be challenging to distinguish you from it
Which can mean that it lingers for longer than you may see fit

There are no specific triggers
Just some challenges in life that only seem to get bigger
There is this assumption that resilience and stoicism are key to each individual’s recovery
But... I hear you say
What about me. How can I be set free
From this incessant beast
Some counselling perhaps
Or companionship at least
Just so that my brain can have some peace

So next time you see someone trying to hide their anxiety or sadness
Talk to them about it
Depression isn’t a form of madness

Depression is a mental health problem that has to be fought
And its roots are probably lying deeper than you once thought
But one day you shall be victorious
In your battle to be at peace with yourself again
Because everyone deserves to be their own best friend!

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