Based in London, we are connecting disabled people across the world and producing quality streams on different conditions.

We have now produced three streams in 2019 and 16 videos in 2020, live and forever afterwards on facebook. They are now on Youtube, enabling a cleaner view outside of the Facebook application.


Adam Pearson interview

20th February 2021

Simon Sansome sharing his life changing story

30th January 2021


Interictal psychosis, visual impairment & hearing loss - part 2

12th December 2020

Interictal psychosis, visual impairment & hearing loss

5th December 2020

Knowledge Nkhoma on the Chifundo Epilepsy Foundation, Malawi

7th November 2020

A Successful Musician with Disabilities - Shaun Shears

31st October 2020

Shaun Shears - Wheelchair Sex

26th October 2020

Journeys through Chronic Illnesses - part 2

17th October 2020

Journeys through Chronic Illnesses - part 1

10th October 2020

Ess speaks with Banard & Valent

19th September 2020

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Dancing in a Wheelchair

12th September 2020

Hannah: Hydrocephalus, Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy, Strabismus

2nd September 2020

Epilepsy in Malawi

23rd August 2020

Epilepsy in Rwanda

8th August 2020

Medically fragile

11th July 2020

Having a young child with Epilepsy

Live on 13th June 2020

Ironing in a fibro fog lockdown

Live on 30th May 2020

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Epilepsy in Atlanta

Live on 18th May 2020

I told you I wasn't ill, it was just Bipolar Disorder

Live on 9th May 2020

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Awareness of Autism

Shot on 1st April 2020


Attitudes to Disabilities: Multiple sclerosis, Dyslexia & Epilepsy

Live on 19th Feb 2019

Coping with a condition: Epilepsy in Kenya and UK

Live on 9th March 2019

A Discussion on Fibromyalgia

Live on 19th Oct 2019


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